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Chapter 1: Now, the third one is going to start!

10 January.

It is said that recently men are getting weaker.
I, at least the "I" until this year's spring, didn't think that it's true.
I didn't think that it's true but...
The eyes that look down upon me who fell down to the ground.
That look is, perfectly same as the day we first met, as sharp as a blade.
Upperclassman: Very sloven, you.
Upperclassman: This gut-less.
This pattern again.
As this is the third one, I've convinced.
Rather than saying that recently men are getting weaker,
the women are getting stronger instead.
---- Two days ago

Chapter 2: !?

8 January

Man: ...... I see.
Man: Is it alright? Even though I'm straight, I'm the type that don't mind and still eat it anyway.
Man: Well then, I'll make you feel delighted.

Chapter 3: The correct is is a bit later

8 January

Wrong, wrong, not this one.
Let's turn back a little bit more.
--12 December

Chapter 4: A certain day at Ryuumeikan

Erika: Otome-senpai.
Nagomi: Happy...
Kinu: Birthday!
Leo: Birthday.
Otome: You all...
Otome: Thank you.
Yoshimi: Happy Birthday, Kurogane-senpai.
Subaru: Since the tests are just finished, we cannot prepare something difficult. Well, please enjoy it.
Otome: It's enough. I'm sorry, even though you're all busy, you still make this kind of thing...
Serebu: Happy Birthday, Kurogane.
Otome: Even Tachibana. Thank you.
Leo: Happy Birthday, Otome-san.
Otome: Yes. But I'm very surprised, with that sudden call and this.
Leo: It's a surprise after all. If you're not surprised, then these all are for nothing.
Leo: We've already prepared this a long time ago.
Otome: I see. You're really know how to make Onee-chan happy. (uri uri*)
Leo: It's been half a year since I became your little brother after all...... ouch, ouch.
Otome: But, is it really okay? You used the student council room for private matter.
Leo: What are you saying now.
This "Ryuuguu" is certainly one of the school's establishment, but right now it's almost the same as one's private property.
Erika: What, what? Is there something wrong?
Oops. The owner came.
Leo: It's nothing. Now, let's start the party.
Erika: OK. Everyone, do you hold your glasses?
Kinu: Gulp gulp gulp gulp.
Yoshimi: I'll pour another cup.
Erika: Then everyone, Otome-senpai's birthday party + our Ryuumeikan Executive Club's end-of-year party officially started.
Erika: Toast!
Leo: Toast~
Otome: Toast.
Kinu: Munch munch gulp gulp crunch crunch
I feel weird for holding a year-end party at school, though.
This year too, thanks for the whole year.
Many things happened, and this year was really a busy one. Especially from the May's second half.

Chapter 5: Every day is a carnival!

I began living together with my cousin Otome-san, started to participate in the Student Council, and a transfer student came.
Being closer to my admired, the flower on the peak of mountain.
Well, the troublesome ones are also increased though.
What a fun year this year was.
Subaru: Hey, Bouzu, are you eating?
Leo: Yeah, I'm enjoying it.
Kinu: Grr Munch Crunch Krrsh Gulp Phaaaaah. Yoppi, juice!
Yoshimi: Here, here.
Serebu: However, what a great quantity of food these all. From where did you bring them?
Erika: You can say that they're from sympathizers. Each of them spends their money and add them with the remainder of the school's cafeteria.
Serebu: Hm... Munch munch. This pizza with omelette is very delicious. I wonder who brought it here.
Nagomi: ...
Nagomi: Munch munch.
Kinu: Yoppi, take that fried squid ring for me~
Yoshimi: Here, here.
Leo: Ngngng.
Otome: Hey Leo, I know you're rushing because the foods are plenty, but you chew it properly before you swallow it.
Leo: Yes ma'am~.
Otome: Nevertheless all of these are really delicious. Even though half of this is to celebrate year-end party, it has been a long time since I get to celebrate this enjoyable party.
Leo: I'm pleased as long as you're delighted.
Otome: I really am a fortunate person. My last birthday in Ryuumeikan can be celebrated with all my dearest friends.
Leo: ......
The last, eh.
Otome: ......
Otome: By the way, speaking of "everyone".
Leo: Hm?
Otome: Where's Samesuga?
Leo: Ah.

Chapter 6: Anyone who's being forgotten, please raise your hand

Shin'ichi: Hehehe, when will it come?
Shin'ichi: Otome-san's Birthday plus Year-end party. Exactly when everyone's toasting, Leo will give me a signal and I'll make my appearance.
Shin'ichi: Illusion Shin'ichi's shark magic will make everyone in the meeting place in maximum spirits ☆ Everyone will be amazed. In the same time, all women will fall for me.
Shin'ichi: Yeah! I've seen my invincible future!
Shin'ichi: ......
Shin'ichi: ...... But it's very late.
Shin'ichi: ............
Shin'ichi: (Sneeze)

Chapter 7: Along with the passing second-term
. . . . .

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